Tyronne Silva to rock Colombo Deathfest
Date: Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 18:36:58 LKT
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Death metal drummer Tyronne Silva of ORTH, Germany will perform live at Sri Lanka’s first ‘Deathfest’ featuring metal heavyweights Fallen Grace, Old Castle Massacre, Funeral In Heaven, Paranoid Earthling and Legion.

Born in Nattandiya in Sri Lanka Tyronne Silva is drummer of German death metal band ORTH.

A musical prodigy, Tyronne started playing the drums almost as soon as he could grasp the sticks. By the age of 9, Tyronne had built himself his own drum set - made entirely of an empty wooden tea box, a piece of wood, a tennis ball, different-sized plastic buckets, the snare from a metallic bucket, empty cola and Nivea cans for percussion and cymbals made out of metal sheets.

He’s come a long way since. After shifting to Germany in 1992, Tyronne learnt heavy-drumming later with Marcus Rein, (current drummer of Destruction) and afterwards he became a pupil of Lutz Renziehausen, author of 'Dums, vols. 1 and 2', and studied techniques, different styles, reading and writing notation and more.

After performing with various bands in the German metal circuit, Tyronne joined Orth, one of Germany’s first death metal bands (formed in Berlin in 1989). The band now produces a diverse and headstrong mix of Deathmetal, Grindcore, Trashmetal with strong groove hardcore influence.

Tyronne is now back in the land it began, and hopes to encourage young drummers around the country through workshops and special programs. The Deathfest concert however is a treat for metal fans as some of the country’s biggest local acts in metal come together on one stage with a drumming legend on August 1, from 3:00pm at Clancy's Pub.

Event sponsors include www.rock.lk, www.dailymirror.lk, AWN Radio, and Studio 666 and tickets are priced at Rs 500.

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