Satellite launch postponed by five days
Date: Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 07:20:00 LKT
Topic: Science & Technology

R. M. Manivannan, Chairman, SupremeSAT issuing a communique from Xi Chang, China said that a last minute technical issue coupled with prevalent bad weather conditions at the 'Xi Chang" Launching Center has compelled them to postpone the launch by a maximum of five days.

Prof. Thissa Vitharana with Ranjith Uyangoda at the site in China

"Even though this is very usual scenario in the satellite launching history, we express our apology to every patriotic Sri Lankan who would no doubt have been waiting to see the Sri Lankan flag reaching space yesterday." Senior Minister Prof. Thissa Vitharana along with Ranjith Uyangoda, Sri Lankan ambassador of China did an inspection tour at the launching site to oversee the current preparation which is underway. "We sincerely thank the media and our well wishers for your understanding and also thank our technical team headed by Rohitha Rajapaksa who is working hard to re schedule the launch at the earliest."

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