Hackers deface three Lankan Govt. sites as a protest against ‘disrespect of Islam’
Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 @ 09:35:38 LKT
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Ablaze Ever, a member of the Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers (BGHH), has allegedly defaced three websites of the Sri Lankan government, a report claims. According to the hackers, they’ve breached the sites as a form of protest against the “disrespect of Islam.”

The affected sites are the ones of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms (reprimin.gov.lk), the Chief Government Whip of Parliament (govtwhip.gov.lk), and the Deyata Kirula Exhibition (deyatakirula.gov.lk), HackRead informs.

“I protest against disrespect of ‘Islam.’ Why do you insult ISLAM when we don’t INSULT your RELIGION?!?! Last warning for Sri Lanka government. Stop This!!” the hacker wrote on the defaced websites.

Currently, all the websites have been restored, softpedia reports.

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