Where there is art, there is hope
Date: Sunday, November 08, 2009 @ 19:37:55 LKT
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In memory of the late MP Anura Bandaranaike, the Sunera Foundation presented two delightful productions by two inspiring theatrical geniuses.

Jehan Aloysius and his company CentreStage Productions gave a rare treat of a musically powerful ‘An Inspired Swan Lake’ with impressive and talented cast. Acting as Nicholas, Thusitha Wimalasuriya proved that despite being in crutches, artistic movements can still be graceful and appealing especially when the lovely Evangeline De Silva acted brilliantly with her wonderful ballet moves as Gabrielle.

The star-crossed lovers, the beautiful Russian Swan Lake music, the talented supporting cast and the special effects of the lake and the bridge culminated to give a magical performance by the Sunera Foundation.

A veteran in forum theatre and ‘Drama Therapy’, Nalinda Premaratne is an avid artiste who works with the Abhina Academy of Performing Arts. In the Sunera Foundation production, he gave his own ‘Human Touch’ to show us that only if we give our best to society, then we can be better people. In his drama, we take a look at the ‘a little sweet and a little sour’ theme encompassing romance, adventure, mystery to reflect an exotic dramatic experience.

Minister Townsend wants to send away those living in the slums of the city but is finally left without anything until the people who he chased restored him back to health. After understanding the value of the ‘Human Touch’ he regains his health, appeals for a campaign to put him back into power and works to improve and uplift the lives of those in the slums.

With a cast of over 20 special performers and a medley of song, dance and theatre in a tale woven with all things sweet and sour, the ‘Human Touch’ was a great piece of theatre. A special commendation should go to Chinthani Mekhala who sang wonderfully and acted as a natural proving that she has the potential to carve a niche in the performing arts field.

Nearly 10 years old now, the Sunera Foundation has played a pivotal role in uplifting the lives of people living with disabilities in the area of performing arts. A way to make people understand that such special people have immense talent and if the right energies are chanelled into this, they can work wonders.

The Sunera Foundation conducts weekly workshops around the country and have an annual Drama Festival Samanalayaya for showcasing the talent of their participants and also raising awareness that people with disabilities have rights too. With medical camps and counselling centres together with Sarvodaya, the Sunera Foundation has striven to ensure that the needs of such people have been addressed and that there is hope for them to be useful to society.

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