Reliable Glucometers from PC Pharma Improving Quality of Life
Date: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 @ 14:44:43 LKT
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The glucometer from PC Pharma, a subsidiary of PCH Holdings carries the assurance of quality from an industry leader in Sri Lanka’s pharmaceutical industry. In adherence to its vision of providing efficient and effective health products and value added services, PC Pharma has introduced two leading glucometer brands to the Sri Lankan market. EzSmart and Rheamed offer convenient, accurate and speedy testing for better health and improved quality of life.

Established for nearly 3 years, PC Pharma has gradually built its image with the provision of high quality medicine, surgical and therapeutic devices, nutraceuticals and guidance for better health care.

Slim and portable, the EzSmart glucometer will be distributed mainly to government cector hospitals while the unique design of Rheamed glucometer makes it ideal for individual and home use. The features of advanced BIOsensor technology for accurate results in 10 seconds and a memory capacity of 300 tests make these glucometers the absolute cutting edge in diabetes monitoring technology.  An economical price and lifetime warranty make the PC Pharma glucometers the best choice for customers in search of innovative solutions and superior benefits. PC Pharma also guarantees ease of access, with the strips used to extract blood and measure levels freely available across the country, in addition to free of charge upgrades to EzSmart glucometers for existing customers.

Emphasising the importance of accurate testing Dilshard Ikram, General Manager of PC Pharma said, “There are a variety of inexpensive glucometers available in the market today, but the cheaper option may not guarantee correct results. Choosing the right glucose monitor can make a difference in the quality of health and the PC Pharma glucometers assure long-term benefits in the management of diabetes. By purchasing this product, customers may be confident of a credible, evolving technology and value added service that are the hallmarks of PC Pharma’s service relationships.”

Vipula Karunaratne, Marketing Manager-Surgical of PC Pharma said, “Our eZsmart glucometers are the only glucometers approved by the Ministry of Health to be used by all government hospitals in Sri Lanka. Due to its availability in every government hospital, its reach has also penetrated to the local market with its availability even expanding to all pharmacies island wide. The EzSmart glucometer hence, is the only product with such a wide range of features and reliability of service available island wide. It stands out from the rest due to the convenience of purchasing strips irrespective of where the user is based and the highest standards that it maintains. We will continue to invest extensively in research and development to deliver a hazard free product”.

Research indicates that 14% of the population suffers from diabetes, making early diagnosis a primary step in the management of this disease. With 18% of the student population also subject to diabetes, PC Pharma plans to carry out health camps in schools around the island. The most recent initiative was held at Nalanda College to help raise awareness regarding the importance of early diagnosis; the next will be at a school in Gampaha.

The Diabetes screening health camp at Nalanda Collegesponsored by PC Pharma, was organized by Nalanda College Old Boys Union lead by its President Dr. Kolitha Sellahewa.

Dr. Ruwan Marapana of the organizing committee, expressing his views at the event said, “We applaud such initiatives as inadequate glucose control during childhood can leave crippling effects on the developing brain. To reduce the number of children affected by this disease creating awareness early is essential therefore I hope PC Pharma would be able to implement this program islandwide”.

A subsidiary of PCH Holdings, PC Pharma was the first pharmaceutical importer to obtain ISO 9001:2000 quality certifications in Sri Lanka. The Suwamadura, an SBU of PC Pharma has increased in popularity for the available facilities and wide range of equipment relating to rehabilitation support. Other main areas include Anti diabetic, Antibiotics, ENT and Cardiac preparations, Hormones, Anticancer and Biological products sourced through western and non-western products from world-class pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers. With the aim of being recognised, as a responsible corporate citizen the company will ensure all business activities add value to the community.

Photo caption: The EzSmart glucometer product marketed by PC Pharma (inset) the Rheamed glucometer product marketed by PC Pharma

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