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Nature: Saving Digana!

If there ever was a place to sink in beautiful memories, it would be Digana. Blessed with beautiful scenery and a healthy atmosphere, Digana is the great location of the school Ecole Internationale, the renowned Digana Village Resort and delightful Orutota Chalets. In addition to this, the Digana Village has a peaceful environment for the residents who can jog around and take their time in living life.

The historic sites which were once part of the prestigious company, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the present Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka, Digana Village is more than just a residential township. The delicate stone pavements and the quaint streets make the Digana Village the right place to call home. The stunning Victoria Golf Club is also in close proximity to Digana and it has been a haven for holiday makers and golfers alike. The lush green plains in Digana are testimony to the fact that the environment-friendly surroundings bring joy to life.

However, according to a health report published by the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture of the University of Peradeniya, there are economic and health consequences of lime dust emissions in Digana.

Apparently many around the area have been having respiratory diseases as the pollution caused by the lime industry in Digana is making a serious impact. It has been concluded that implementing strong environmental standards, making people aware about the industrial pollutants and their hazardous impacts, while also improving the health facilities are indispensable measures that can be used to curb the consequences of the lime industry in Digana.

On a positive note, the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority is trying to change the primitive level designs and low efficiencies of the old kilns. This industry, clustered in Matale and Kandy areas have been threatened with lack of firewood hence deforestation is rampant in these parts. The Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority carried out a project to improve the systems used in lime kilns so that it would address the problem of difficulty in fetching firewood through making better use of the firewood. The technology used here is gasifier technology and through making the process easy to control and thereby reducing losses, the system is improved. The ECF (Environment Conservation Foundation) carried out a pilot project in the Digana area and it came out with successful results.

So remember whether it is a holiday or just a visit to your old school, leave only your footprints and take only photographs because Digana is a environmentally friendly naturally beautiful village that needs to be protected!

Courtesy: SundayObserver

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 21:58:26 LKT by

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