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Signs he is interested in you

Dating can be confusing; it’s hard to know if that single guy from work is interested in you or if he’s just being polite. Is he really interested in getting to know you better, or is he bored and just passing the time?

When you first meet…

*He can’t keep his eyes off you

Men are visual creatures. When a man sees a woman he finds attractive, he’ll want to look at her again, and again, and again. If the new guy keeps throwing glances at you there’s a good chance he is seen something he likes. Watch where his eyes go. Is he checking out other women, or is his gaze constantly returning to you?

*He moves closer to you

If he makes a conscious effort to sit by you or get closer to you, you can bet you have got his attention. Leaning closer to talk to you or focusing his attention on just you and your conversation, is also a good sign that he is interested.

*He jokes with you

Women are attracted to funny men, and men seem to know intuitively that this is one of the more potent weapons they have in their romantic arsenal. If a man jokes with you and only you, you can assume he is interested in interacting with you more. If he jokes with everyone else in your group, he may just be having a good time being in the spotlight, but a private joke breeds a sense of intimacy, insinuating that he likes sharing a private laugh just with you.

*He modifies his behavior to mirror yours

Nonverbal cues are often more telling than verbal cues. A person who is emotionally engaged with another person will often modify personal habits to mirror the person with whom they are interacting. So if he leans in to talk to you when you lean in to talk to him, or if he sits facing you with a pose similar to your own, know you’ve caught his attention and interest.

*He casually mentions future contact

If a man mentions wanting to do something with you in the future, you can assume he is interested in you and is trying to get a feel for if you are open to getting to know him better. If you mention that you play tennis and he says, “Maybe we could hit the ball around sometime,” he is probably interested in you.

If you work together

Dating someone at work is always a little tricky, and, in some cases, can even be against work rules. However, when you work with someone forty hours a week, it’s easy to develop feelings for a colleague. How do you know if he is interested in you and not just playing around?

* He stops by your desk

If he stops by your desk for only work-related reasons, you can’t take his attention or friendliness as any indication of interest. That being said, if he stops by to chat about other things, you can guess he is at least somewhat interested in getting to know you.

*He holds your gaze a little bit too long

If he holds eye contact with you for longer than he normally does, you may want to respond by also looking into his eyes for a split second longer than normal.

*He compliments you

If a man starts noticing and complimenting you on your appearance – your new haircut, skirt or earrings – on a regular basis, you know you have got his attention.

*He initiates having lunch

Spending time together at work is always risky since coworkers may begin to gossip. If a man initiates lunch with you, even casually, there is a good chance he is interested in testing the waters and seeing if you are potential dating material. Just use caution and read over your work rules if you consider going out with him.

*After the first date or two

You have gone out once or twice, and you’re wondering if this relationship is going to go anywhere.

Here are some signs he likes your style and is interested in seeing more of you.

*He calls when he says he

will and doesn’t cancel dates

A man who’s interested in you will call you when he promises and will be eager to go out on his next date with you.

He may not call often, though, as he might not want to appear overeager or desperate.

*It is obvious he put effort

into planning the date

A man will put in effort if he cares about impressing you. He will remember what food you like and what you like to do, and he will spend time on his appearance.

*He makes plans with you

in advance

A man who is interested in you will realize that you have a life. He’ll want to schedule a date with you instead of waiting until the last minute.

*He is patient with you regarding

how physical you want to be

Look for a man who is patient and considerate. If a man is willing to let you set the pace, it proves he wants to see where the relationship is headed.


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