Blue Leopard comes alive with Kings
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 14:42:10 LKT
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The blue Leopard Night Club at the Grand Oriental Hotel, which is the oldest night club in Sri Lanka have opened up once again to the general public with five days of entertainment for a week.

Popular band Kings headed by Chandral Fonseka is been engaged to perform on Fridays while the band Rumours come alive on Saturdays.

As it is now under the GOH management they have introduced the concept of Retro Music and giving the couples and party makers to have a rocking time while having their best in music played by both bands and the DJs’ at a moderate volume.

‘As the security barriers are taken out I believe that Blue Leopard is going to be the next happening location in the near future’ Chandral commented.

KINGS have been around now from 2002 are a very versatile band who plays different kinds of music for all audiences. The month of January is a busy month for us as we are on tour to Mumbai and Oman.

The members of KING band are, Chandral Fonseka: Leader/Manager, Bass and Vocals, Manoj Fernando: Guitar and vocals, Sampath Gallappaththie: Drums and Vocals, Shakila Ganegama Key-Boards and Vocals while Danushka Maddawatte is the female singer of the outfit. This group has been together now for 3 years.

KINGS will be in action at the Darawala Planters Club Dance in February and Maroon Night of Old Anandians in March.

Kings are in action at the Mount Lavinia Hotel too on Mondays on a regular basis.

Courtesy: Times Online

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