How to be a lady
Date: Sunday, January 24, 2010 @ 11:50:18 LKT
Topic: Life Style

It is likely that every girl hears “act like a lady” from their mother at some point in life. It involves a number of well thought-out mannerisms and actions that might not come naturally. A few simple steps can help anyone be a lady.

Step 1

Be polite. While traditional guidelines suggest that women should act as shrinking violets, being a lady does not necessarily mean being submissive. A lady, in all her wisdom, should keep a cool head under pressure and outwit her adversaries with meaningful, well chosen words.

Step 2

Maintain a well groomed appearance. While women should not feel that they need to dress up every day, grooming is a sign to the outside world that a woman is ladylike. Instead of throwing on tattered sweats, choose a nicely fitted jogging suit to run errands. Instead of leaving the house with no make-up, try a quick 5-minute face in the morning. Carry your sense of the ladylike throughout your wardrobe.

Step 3

Educate yourself. Today’s proverbial “lady” should be educated and able to hold up her end of a conversation. By staying on top of world events and keeping your mind active through reading and meaningful television viewing, you can carry on a conversation charged with intellectual heft and interest.

Step 4

Be independent. In a drastic shift away from traditional ideas of ladylike, the contemporary woman is considered a lady if she can stand on her own two feet. Women hold down careers, raise children or live the single life dependent upon their choices and preferences. An independent woman is the pinnacle of ladylike.

Step 5

Nurture kindness. Perhaps the most recognizable sign of a lady is kindness. Whether a woman is kind to her parents, friends, lovers or the community at large, hardly any other characteristic is as valuable and contagious.


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