Sweet Somethings on Valentines Day
Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010 @ 02:24:42 LKT
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”He was my cream, and I was his coffee...And when you poured us

together, it was something” -Josephine Baker

What better way to start your Valentines date, sipping a warm coffee and whispering sweet nothings in your lovers ear?

At the newly re-launched Barista Lavazza at Rajagiriya, now called Crème, a sensational experience of love by clinking coffee cups awaits you on Valentines Day. Now offering more than just your piping hot coffee, the Crème is a one-stop hangout cafe to tempt your senses and let you indulge in luxuries without burning a hole in your pocket.

Of course, you can be single and still walk in and have your peace and quiet because Crème is one of the only coffee places where you can just order a coffee, linger with it the whole day whilst enjoying the music, books and atmosphere while you immerse yourself in a cup of Lavazza.

At Crème, the experience is about feeling at home and also renewing and reuniting with family and friends. And while you’re at it, dont forget to strum that acoustic guitar to serenade your lover. Taking the place to a whole new level, its a heartwarming surprise to see the artistic chocolate sauce creations on your coffee when it arrives.

Moreover, the aroma of the Arabica beans will turn any bad day into a good one. Chandani Jayatillaka, Brand Manager of Barista Lavazza said, “We still offer the yummy cheese cakes and scrumptious delights but we’ve revamped the menu to offer more.

Thus, we now offer pizzas, pastas, soups, salads, sandwiches and lasagna to give a complete meal.” They have renowned chefs to whip delicious delights adhering to stringent standards on par with the international Barista conglomerate.

She said that they have analysed customer feedback into giving the menu a facelift. Cut an Excess Chocolate Cake if you’re celebrating your birthday or try the delicious Brownies that are sure to whisk you into a world of happiness. Whether you’re a busy corporate or a student with a gruelling deadline, the Wi-Fi facility at Crème will help you get connected while enjoying your cuppa.

The service has been significantly upgraded with friendly brewmasters taking your orders and even recommending some items on the menu which shows the professionalism. Open from 7am until midnight, the Crème even has a state-of-the-art pool table for those wanting to dabble in the game. Plus, M*Entertainment has started selling their cool chill-out albums which can be sampled by way of a headphone kiosk.

The Barista Lavazza branches are located at Duplication Road, Thunmulla junction, Ghandara, Horton Place, WTC, Havelock Road, Bambalapitiya and Rajagiriya Crème. Keep in mind that its not just for lovers but for family and friends too. Not to mention, if you want to bury the hatchet with an old enemy, you can do that too.

So even though you don’t have a Valentine, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, family, someone you like or yourself.

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