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Happy Feet All of us are very conscious about our face, aren’t we? A little pimple on your face can bring misery to the life, alarming to use every possible remedy to cure it. We use a combination of cleansers, scrubs, and creams to keep our face glowing. What do we do to keep our feet clean? Do we pay the same attention we pay to the face, to our feet too? Most of the time, we do not. Our feet do a great job by helping us to walk and holding our weight. Therefore, it deserves a special attention too. Healthy feet help us to feel good and stay active.

Owning healthy feet is not at all hard. Here are some tips:

Keep your feet clean and dry

Good body hygiene is important in our day-to-day life. This is important to our feet as well. Clean your feet with soap and scrub them when you bathe. Scrubbing once a week is all right, if time is a limited factor, but it is necessary to clean them thoroughly every day with soap and water. Afterward, dry them well. Moisture is a comfort factor for fungal organisms. Therefore, keeping feet dry, make it difficult for them to thrive. When drying, pay special attention to the area between toes.

Be watchful for feet problems

Once a week do self-examination for your feet. Look out for any scaling on the soles and peeling areas between the toes. These symptoms can be early signs of athlete’s foot dieses. Discoloured nails can signal the possibility of a nail fungus.

Trim toenails in style

Cut toe nails straight across instead of rounding, and avoid trimming too close to the skin. This bad practice can cause painful and in grown nails.

Use nail polish only to add beauty

Have you ever used nail polish as a way of hiding your discolored, thick, cracked, or crumbling nails? These can be symptoms of a nail fungus. Applying nail polish on top of that nail could make the problem worse. Seek the advice of a doctor. Hiding them can make matters worse. You do not want to lose your nail, do you?

Public areas can harm your foot too!

Personal hygiene is very important when we are using public places like pools, gyms, and locker rooms. These places tend to be breeding grounds for fungi that can lead to infections in our feet. Best way is to cover the feet as much as possible. Even if it is not possible always, at least clean your feet thoroughly after using them.

Sharing shoes? A bad idea!

Sharing things among friends is always a good deed. Sharing is caring! However, when it comes to personal accessories like shoes; it can be a bad idea. If you wear shoes or socks worn by others, there is always a threat of fungal infections. The person whom you are sharing with might not be hygienic as you are. Therefore, it is always safe to wear your own footgear to help keep the feet healthy.

Head off sweaty feet

Can you believe that there are 250,000 sweat glands in each foot? Perspiration caused by those creates the ideal surrounding for bacteria to set up shop. Wearing socks that keep feet dry will help your feet stay healthy. Avoid socks made of synthetic fibers and always choose cotton or wool socks.

Let your feet breathe!

Air circulation inside the shoe is vital. To help keep feet dry and healthy, wear shoes made of leather. It allows air circulation inside the shoe and helps feet to breathe freely. If you are prone to excessively sweaty feet, look for shoes made of mesh fabrics for maximum breathability.

Wear shoes that fit properly

We fall in love with some shoes, and tend to wear them even if it is a little tight. Did you know that you are tending to get long-term foot problems by wearing shoes those are too tight? Do your shoe shopping at the end of the day to compensate for foot swelling that occurs later in the day, and wear the same type of socks you will be wearing with the shoes. When choosing a pair of shoes, go for a broad, rounded shoe, with plenty of room for your toes and a wide, stable heel. Avoid pointy shoes, which can cramp your toes and cause ingrown toenails and calluses.

Know when to see a doctor

If you are not a doctor, do not try being one. Never self treat your painful foot woes. A physician should check out persisting redness, pain, or discoloration. Prescribed medication or a small procedure helps to clear out problems soon and easily. Allowing a doctor to look will help prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

Courtesy: SundayObserver

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